Advent W1 Mystery Coffee Reveal - The Picky Chemist

The third edition of Mystery Coffee Advent Calendar is now well under way. Before Week 2 will be already in full swing, time to learn all details about Week 1 selection.

🇨🇴 Colombia La Esperanza

Roaster: The Picky Chemist from Belgium 🇧🇪
Producer: Wilder Lasso
Region: San Adolfo, Acevedo, Huila
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Processing: Honey
Altitude: 1500 - 1900 masl
Tasting notes: rosemary, black tea, bergamot
SCA score: 87+
Harvest: May - July 2023

About the farm:

When Segundo Lasso (father) arrived at the farm for the first time, he went to manage it. The coffee that was there was very old, especially Caturra and Arabica, it was very abandoned. The coffee was not productive, he spent many days working very hard to recover it, he got up early every day to clean it, fertilize it, take care of it as if it were his own. The house was very small and very old with plank floors, there was no road, the horse was the means of transportation for everything. After four years of having the farm in company with the owner of the farm, he offered it to him but Segundo had no budget. His boss trusted him a lot and knew how honest he was, so she offered him good financing. Nowadays his children Leidy, Wilder and Heiner, are the ones in charge of the whole process, as crop, cupping and commercialisation.

About the processing:

Specification: The total time for fermentation is 84h. The initial fermented is for 48 hours in an open non submerged system, after that the coffee is submerged and fermented for additional 36hr. When the fermentation is finished the coffee is de-pulped and then dried.

Drying: Sun drying system for 20 days. The first 3 days the coffee is moved every 4 hours, this helps to have a more even drying of the coffee.

Sorting: The ripest cherries are picked and then the coffee is floated to remove the less dense cherries. Then the coffee is selected one more time at the milling.

Stabilisation: After the ideal humidity is reached the coffee is packed in GrainPro and sisal bags, and store at the farm for at least 15 days.

About the selection:
Comments by Dawid

Long requested roaster is finally part of the Mystery Coffee League. When we decided to go for a multi roaster edition of the Advent Calendar, Stephane was the first roaster approached by me. I shared the MCAC theme with him during the summer, and he did a great job, sourcing a really unique coffee for us. Based on your reviews on the chat, it was a great coffee to kick-off this year's edition. Now you can start guessing the theme!


Only one person was right about the roaster of the week - congrats to S1n1sta!

The winner of Week 1 round is FdeBarista with 27 points. Followed by maeitn with 23 and Kasas with 22 points.

TOP3 of Week 1 round:
1. FdeBarista - 27 points
2. maeitn - 23 points
3. Kasas - 22 points

In the race for the Acaia Lunar, FdeBarista is leading with 64 points. Closely followed by Jarg89 with 61 points and For with 56 points.

TOP3 of Q4 2023 round:
1. FdeBarista - 64 points
2. Jarg89 - 61 points
3. For - 56 points

In the season end standings, Jarg89 is leading with 210 points. Followed by FdeBarista with 205 points and Sami with 198 points.

TOP3 of 2023 Season:
1. Jarg89 - 210 points
2. FdeBarista - 205 points
3. Sami - 198 points

Schedule for the remaining weeks:
Week 2 - submission deadline Dec 16, reveal Dec 17
Week 3 - submission deadline Dec 23, reveal Dec 24
Week 4 - submission deadline Dec 30, reveal Dec 31

Roaster's line-up for the next three months:
DECEMBER 23 - Mystery Coffee Advent Calendar
JANUARY 23 - Rozali from Berlin 🇩🇪
February 23 - AMOC from Rotterdam 🇳🇱

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Thanks for the pics Herman!