1. You need to be a verified member of Espresso Club Discord to participate. In order to be verified you need to join the server and buy a Mystery Coffee from the Roaster of the Month and provide a proof on the chat.

  2. Each club member can submit only one answer before the deadline for a given month. Deadline dates for each month will be communicated on Discord server.

  3. You can score 30 points in total for all correct answers.

    a) 1 point – participation in given month
    b) 1 point – continent
    c) 4 points – country of origin
    d) 4 points – processing method
    e) 3 x 5 points – roaster tasting notes
    f) 3 points – varietal
    g) 2 points – altitude

  4. Continent of coffee origin should be selected from pre-defined list which includes: South & Central America, Africa and Asia.

  5. Processing method of coffee should be selected from pre-defined list which includes: washed, natural and honey. Processing method is not connected with the fermentation method.

  6. Roaster tasting notes should be selected based on official Coffeeminds Coffee Taster’s Flavour Wheel. Only answers from Coffeemind wheel will be accepted. You can score max 5 points for one tasting note:
    a) Outer ring - 2 points
    b) Inner ring - 3 points

    For example, if the correct tasting note is "Lime" and your answer is "Mandarin" you get a total of 3 points for inner ring "Fruity". If your answer is "Lime" then you score 5 points.

    Tasting notes are unique. If the answer key has only one inner ring "Fruity" tasting note, you can score max of 3 points for the inner circle regardless of the amount of "Fruity" tasting notes submitted in the form.

  7. In case of blend of varietals in the bag, selecting at least one correct varietal will result in scoring 3 points.

  8. Altitude should be selected from pre-defined list which includes: below 1000, 1000-1500, 1500-2000, 2000+.

  9. At the end of each month the standings table will be updated and winners for given month announced. At the end of the year, the club member with the biggest number of points will become a Mystery Coffee League champ. In case of a ties, tasting notes points will be used as tie-breaker.

  10. Each quarter, TOP3 members can win the following prizes:
    a) 1st place - Acaia Lunar or 1zpresso K-Max grinder
    b) 2nd place - choice of Kruve glasses or 50€ ACME gift card
    c) 3rd place - choice of Kruve glasses or 50€ ACME gift card

    You cannot win the same quarterly prize twice. For example, if you won Acaia Lunar in Q1 2023 and you have the biggest amount of points in Q2 2023 then you'll get a 2nd place prize.

    Additionally, each quarter one randomly selected club members outside TOP3 which participated in all three rounds in given quarter, will receive a gift pack from Kruve.

  11. At the end of year, TOP3 members will win yearly prizes. Yearly prizes will be announced during 2023.

  12. In order to collect quarterly or yearly prize, club members will be asked to provide proof of purchase for all Mystery Coffee beans.

  13. For yearly prize only 10 out of 12 months will be taken into consideration. 2 worst scores will not count for yearly prize. That means that you can also just skip two months of participation.

  14. In addition to quarterly and yearly prizes, monthly giveaways of the Mystery Coffee and the Coffee of the Month can take place on our Discord server. Winners will be selected randomly and the number of sets available for the giveaway can vary each month. All details will be communicated clearly on the Discord server before the start of the giveaway.

    To join monthly Mystery Coffee giveaway you need to:

    a) Be verified and participate in the previous month MCL round by buying a whole bag of the Mystery Coffee (splits are not included).

    b) Join the giveaway as instructed on the Discord server by the mods.

    c) Winners need to present evidence of buying the Mystery Coffee in the previous month by sending a screenshot of the invoice. Invoice details should correspond to the winner's shipping details.

    For example, club members can join the March Mystery Coffee giveaway if they participated in February Mystery Coffee League round. They cannot join the March giveaway if they participated in January Mystery Coffee League round and decided to skip the February round.

    Violation of the above rules can result in a lifetime ban for all future giveaways.

  15. All guesses are final. In case of any doubts on how to map your guess to available options, please reach out to one of EU Coordinators on Discord.

  16. Rules are subject to change.