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Third week with Mystery Coffee Advent Calendar is in the books. Time to learn all the details about the past week coffee!

🇸🇻 El Salvador Los Pirineos

Variety: Konka (Ethiopian Heirloom)
Processing: Anaerobic Washed
Altitude: 1400-1500 masl
Tasting notes: peach, honey, jasmine
Harvest: 2023

About the farm and coffee:

Found in the Usulután department of El Salvador, Los Pirineos farm is operated by fifth-generation coffee producer Diego Baraona. Diego took the helm at the farm in 2020 following his father’s passing and now works to carry on the tradition and legacy of not only his father Gilberto, but the more than 130 years of experience, history, and knowledge that his family has in coffee cultivation.

The farm sits 1400 meters above sea level on the slopes of a stand-alone volcano. This unique positioning provides a microclimate unlike any other with sun-filled days and cool breezes, creating an environment ideal for coffee production, processing, and drying. This climate is capitalized on especially well in the drying area of the farm where raised drying beds are positioned between two peaks, creating a wind tunnel through which a breeze constantly flows.

Konka is a heirloom from Yirgacheffe, simply meaning it’s a previously unknown heirloom variety from Ethiopia. It's one of the varieties they have been maturing in the nursery at Los Pirineos. The trees are planted 1500 masl in a place of loam soil clayey, it has adapted to the microclimate and terroir in Usulutan. 

About the processing:

This lot of Konka coffee underwent Anaerobic Washed processing. After harvest, ripe cherries are placed into sealed barrels where they are fermented for 72 hours. The fermented coffee is then pulped with water before being spread onto shaded, raised drying beds. The washed coffee was dried for 45 days to reach its ideal humidity.

About the selection:
Comments by Dawid

Yet another coffee from the hype farm. One of the favorite Tim Wendelboe's farms to be exact. The same coffee was included in his subscription last year as limited release. This year Los Pirineos had a bigger Konka harvest, so also other importers managed to get their hands on this particular lot. Actually, Timmy planted exactly the same Konka seeds on his farm. I think the limited lots of Ethiopian Heirloom coffee which he was selling are actually exactly the same coffee - but obviously grown in Colombia. The cleanest coffee from El Salvador I've ever had. If you find some spare time, make sure to listen to the Wendelboe's podcast episode with Diego from Los Pirineos.


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The winner of Week 3 round is Edu with 22 points. Followed by andreucs with 21 points and barsumek, Adrian, Birdland with 20 points.

TOP3 of Week 3 round:
1. Edu - 22 points
2. andreucs - 21 points
3. barsumek, Adrian, Birdland - 20 points

In the race for the Acaia Lunar, andreucs is leading with 94 points. Closely followed by Edu with 91 points and newdent with 90 points.

TOP3 of Q4 2023 round:
1. andreucs - 94 points
2. Edu - 91 points
3. newdent - 90 points

Schedule for the remaining week:
Week 4 - submission deadline Dec 30, reveal Dec 31

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DECEMBER 23 - Mystery Coffee Advent Calendar
JANUARY 23 - Rozali from Berlin 🇩🇪
February 23 - AMOC from Rotterdam 🇳🇱

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