November Mystery Coffee Reveal - Special Guests

Final regular round of 2024 MCL season is behind us. Time to learn all the details about Mystery Coffee from our first ever UK-based roaster!

🇸🇻 El Salvador Los Pirineos

Variety: Sudan Rume
Processing: Natural
Altitude: 1400 masl
Tasting notes: blackberry, lime, jasmine
Harvest: 2023

About the coffee:
Paul says

It's a very interesting coffee - the producer Diego is a relatively young producer, who took over from his dad. He is a triathlete and I actually met in him Milan, when I organised a run at the world of coffee.

His farm has got attention from a number of coffee pros, including Ona, who has his coffee through Project Origin, as well as TW.

The Sudan Rume was chosen by me at least, because i find the varietal super interesting. It is unlike any other varietal, whilst also being high scoring and having a postive profile. 

Then finally for flavour notes, it is extremely hard to narrow this one down. Theres definitely fruit, theres definitely citric acidity and florality - I'd probably be persuaded to put a fourth herbal note in there at a push, but we do 3!

About the selection:

This month was coordinated by Chris

When me and Paul started emailing in June it was just off the back of two gesha months, and we didn’t want to be another entry in the Mystery Gesha League. 

After trying a sample, the sudan rume was an easy choice. It was very complex, which meant narrowing down tasting notes would be tough. The processing wasn’t easy to identify, El Salvador isn’t Colombia and even the farm is a lower altitude than you’d expect. On top of that - and most importantly - it’s a really nice coffee. 

When half the server spent the month thinking it was a gesha anyway, that was just the icing on the cake 😂


That was a tricky month which is proved by the stats above. Only six people were right about the country of origin. The winner of the round is hubocanovamartina with 21 points. Congrats on winning special prize from Paul! Second place goes to MSA with 20 points and third to Martinierius with 18 points.

TOP3 of November 2023 round:
1. hubocanovamartina - 21 points
2. MSA - 20 points
3. Martinierius - 18 points

In the race for the Acaia Lunar, Martinierius is leading with 40 points. Closely followed by Jarg89 with 39 points and Angelrf with 38 points.

TOP3 of Q4 2023 round:
1. Martinierius - 40 points
2. Jarg89 - 39 points
3. Angelrf - 38 points

In the season end standings, Jarg89 is leading with 188 points. Followed by Sami with 182 points and FdeBarista with 178 points.

TOP3 of 2023 Season:
1. Jarg89 - 188 points
2. Sami - 182 points
3. FdeBarista - 178 points

It was our last regular round this year! Thanks everyone for participating. We managed to break many records this year with over 100 people participating in almost each round. Our record was September 2023 round with 126 submitted guesses. We will be back in January with the new edition of Mystery Coffee League. Pre-orders should start at the end of December so keep an eye on that. We hope to break many more records in 2024!

December is dedicated to our 3rd edition of the Mystery Coffee Advent Calendar. Week 1 round starts today! I hope you like the branding for this years edition along with all the extras and one small surprise. We are going to follow below schedule this month:

Week 1 - submission deadline Dec 9, reveal Dec 10
Week 2 - submission deadline Dec 16, reveal Dec 17
Week 3 - submission deadline Dec 23, reveal Dec 24
Week 4 - submission deadline Dec 30, reveal Dec 31

Roaster's line-up for the next three months:
DECEMBER 23 - Mystery Coffee Advent Calendar
JANUARY 23 - Rozali from Berlin 🇩🇪
February 23 - AMOC from Rotterdam 🇳🇱

Mystery Coffee League is sponsored by Acaia, 1zpresso, Kruve and ACME.

You can join Mystery Coffee League at anytime! Just join our Discord and feel free to ask any questions!

Thanks for the pics, Herman!