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Mystery Coffee

🇨🇴 Colombia Bella Alejandria (El Vergel)

Region: Huila
Variety: Geisha
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 1890 masl
Tasting notes: peach, lavender, mandarine
Harvest: 2022

About the coffee:

​The producer/importer are the Bayter brothers from El Vergel, but the coffee is actually from Bella Alejandria, Wilder Lasso's farm.

Wilder grew up on a coffee farm, but until 2017, he was a veterinarian by trade! Something stirred in him while visiting his father's farm that year, and he - like so many other producers we've featured over the years - left his day job behind to pursue specialty coffee. His background in genetics and insatiable love of learning led Wilder to begin a varietal program in Tocora which has since grown to include more than twelve different coffee varieties from various origins. He is passionate about specialty coffee and relentless in his pursuit of excellence, and those qualities are nowhere more apparent than in this incredible lot from Wilder's farm, Bella Alejandría. His farm currently holds 12 different varieties from different origins.

This lot is made through a double fermentation for 140 hours with submerged anaerobic fermentation in mucilage, which helps to develop an outstanding floral and citric profile. Then is dried exposed to the sun for 18 days and stabilized for 25 days before the milling.​

About the selection:

This month was coordinated by Dawid.

For the first ever coordinated month connected with our first ever meet-up, obviously I wanted to select a special coffee. I didn't feel like the first two choices provided by DAK were good enough for that. Then we settled on the floral and fruity washed Geisha produced on El Vergel farm (cherries come from neighbouring Wilder Lasso's farm). It was a good choice for two reasons. First, a few months ago we had different coffee produces by Bayter brothers as our Mystery Coffee. I thought it will be a good showcase of two completely different cup profiles coming from the same place. But also it was a good example of the varietal characteristics, which I think is proven by this month results - almost 70 people got it right.

Coffee of the Month

🇪🇨 Ecuador Yambamine

Variety: Sidra
Processing: Extended Fermentation Red Washed
Altitude: 1800 m.a.s.l.
Tasting notes: cantaloupe, pomegranate, blackcurrant
Harvest: 2022