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Mystery Coffee

🇵🇦 Finca Deborah Inflection

Producer: Jamison Savage
Region: Volcán, Chiriquí
Variety: Caturra
Processing: Carbonic Maceration Washed
Altitude: 1950 masl
Tasting notes: mandarin, pineapple, elderflower
Harvest: 2023

About the coffee:

This coffee comes from one of the most famous (and expensive) coffee producers in the world - Jamison Savage.

The lot is called Inflection. It is a carbonic maceration washed Caturra. Processing goes as follows:

  1. Coffee cherries are washed and depulped.

  2. Coffee beans go to steel tanks for 3 to 5 days fermentation phase with carbon dioxide in low temperatures.

  3. Once the target pH is reached, coffee beans are dried on African beds.

  4. When the coffee has dried to approximately 11% it is bagged in grain-pro and stored in Bodega where temperatures are cool and stable. This seasoning process is critical to Deborah’s quality control. Reposo/rest provides the coffee an opportunity to settle and equalize its moisture content as well as absorb more flavor from it’s shell or parchment.  After the requisite rest the coffee is hulled, sorted by size, density, color, and shape.

About the farm:

Located in Panama, more precisely in the region of Volcan, Chiriqui province. The plantation is at 1900+ meters above the sea level and it's one of the most remote coffee farms in Panama. This region is ideal for coffee production: the volcanic soil, the high elevation, the perfect balance between rain and tropical sun permit to give life to unique coffee plants. Finca Deborah's commitment to the environment is remarkable: the farm is fully powered by solar generation system and people who work in this farm is focused on safeguard the ecology for generations to come.  Geisha cultivation is a serious matter and workers are devoted professionals, centered on excellence. Harvest is meticulously monitored, coffee is handpicked, just the ripest cherries are collected.

Jamison Savage has dedicated himself to build a next-gen facility for coffee processing  in Panama with a strong environmental focus. Pesticides or toxins are not used on the farm. Elevated at exceedingly high altitudes and being one of the highest and more isolated farms in Panama, the farms runs on solar power and within a harmonious ecosystem. Jamison believes that coffee trees are at their best when surrounded by the local flora and fauna. This true, holistic and sustainable approach to farming, ingenuity and creativity coupled with advanced technological practices, makes Jamison one of the most impressive high-end coffee producers in the world.

Coffee of the Month

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Variety: Red Bourbon
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 1800+ masl
Tasting notes: orange, raspberry, plum
Harvest: 2022